Dianne Sommelet Creations, Paris, France
Ancient and Antique Bead Jewelry
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Yunan Provence, China, 18th--19th century AD.
Exquisite carved bone needle-cases. Very beautiful patina.
#DS02a: $295.00

These beautiful smaller beads are from the Niger River delta, Africa, c. 10th--14th century AD. The three large detailed-clay spindle whorls from Djenne, Mali, and date to the 3rd--4th century AD. Gorgeous! #DS01: $265.00 SOLD

Neolithic rock crystal beads from the Niger Delta, Africa, 500 BC--500 AD. All hand-drilled with stone tools! The large 7-point carnelien stone is a trade bead from India, dating to the 2nd--5th centuries AD. Radiant! #DS03: $265.00 SOLD

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