Gabriel Vandervort was recently the subject of a wonderful article by Art Daily News,
speaking about his hisrory and background, business ethics and current projects!
See the entire article on Art Daily News here!

Gabriel Vandervort was recently featured as an expert on A&E's popular show Storage Wars,
helping Barry identify a very fake Precolumbian "artifact". Nice of them to cut out the part of me calling the piece "worthless" and instead cutting in a clip of me quoting "Maaaaaaaaaaybe worth $500 to the right collector in the right place on the right day" completely out of context! Episode airs again Friday, May 25th at 8 pm EST and midnight (12:00 AM EST May 26).
I believe the episode can be viewed here:

Gabriel recently appeared on The History Channel show "Ten Things You Didn't Know..." on the Roman emperor Caligula.
Unfortunately I cannot find the episode for free online. Available for $1.99 at Amazon:

Halle Berry, shown in a June issue of In Style magazine, wearing one of my shipwreck coin pendants!

Ancient Resource Featured on National Geographic

I feel very honored to be part of one of my favorite institutions, National Geographic. They have asked me to be their antiquities expert for an ongoing internet event they are featuring on their website. I've been called in to authenticate and provide real artifacts and backgrond information for their "Mission Expedition" on See more about the project at:
National Geographic: Mission Expedition

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