Ancient Stone Seals:
Jemdet Nasr, Mesopotamia. 3200 - 2900 BC
These were obtained legally and ethically, from old collections in the United States. No items sold here have been brought out or exported from Iraq or under any questionable circumstances.

Sumeria. Jemdat Nasr, c. 3000 - 2800 BC. Great Jemdat Nasr red steatite stamp seal. Hemispheroid, the base with an ibex formed by drills, longitudinal hole for suspension. Dia: 1.66 cm. Light deposits. Ex California Museum of Ancient Art de-accession (Acc #SS0901). Beautiful! #AP2453: $499

Sumeria. Jemdat Nasr, c. 3000 - 2700 BC. Large Sumerian creme marble stamp seal. Ovoid in shape with rounded top and longitudinal hole for suspension. The base is lightly convex and is incised with a Y-shape device with star-like devices around. 24.5mm x 20.5 mm. Light deposits. Ex California Museum of Ancient Art de-accession (acc. #SS0905). #AP2454: $450

Sumeria, Late Uruk/Jemdet Nasr Period, c. 3100 - 2900 BC. Great large Sumerian black and white marble stamp seal. The base with multiple drill dots, hole lengthwise for suspension. 32x32mm. Ex Time Machine Company, New York. Very nice! #AP2143: $499

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Mesopotamia. Jemdat Nasr, c. 3200 - 2900 BC. A choice Jemdat Nasr pink marble cylinder seal depicting stylized seated figures, each with a star above their head, deep pellets between. L: 21mm; Dia: 23mm. Quite large, well-preserved and attractive!
Ex Rice Collection, Southern California. #AP2275: $750

Ancient Sumeria, Jemdet Nasr Period, c. 3100 - 2900 BC. Great marble cylinder-seal. Basic deeply-engraved design... when rolled out looks to represent two eyes! Very cool. Holed through lenthwise. H: 16mm (5/8"). ex-Thomas Bentley Cederlind estate, Portland, OR. #AP2254: $525 SOLD