Ancient Intaglios / Signet Ring Bezels: Roman, Persian, Sasanian.

Sasanian, ancient Persia, 4th – 5th Century AD. Lovely carnelian intaglio engraved with a detailed head of a boar. Nicely incised with good style. 13 x 9mm. ex-Los Angeles, CA private collection. #int03: $425

Roman, 2nd – 3rd Century AD. A sardonyx intaglio depicting Fides standing holding a plate of fruit and corn-ears. Nice black, white and gray color and good style. 13 x9mm. ex-Los Angeles, CA private collection. #int10: $325

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Roman, 2nd Century AD. A nice carnelian intaglio depicting a nude figure Eros? Kneeling lt., holding an uncertain object surmounted by a star. Nice detail and attractive, with good translucent qualities. 13 x 10mm. Would look great mounted into a gold ring. #int04: $350